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Abercorn Dairies wasn’t set up until 2006 by two partners, George Naismith and James Fraser. The two of them have however been actually involved in the dairy industry for 35 years.

George and Jim set up the company to give themselves a base to deal directly with Scottish farmers, give them a fair price and therefore guarantee the freshest, best quality Dairy products on the market for their customers.


Our aim is to give our customers as high a quality product and service as possible. We also hope to entice new customers away from the supermarket chains and their unfair pricing strategy of using milk products as “Loss Leaders”!

We are actively trying to introduce as many people to doorstep delivery as possible. Give them the facility to order these products online, plus give them a direct debit payment facility. By doing this, hopefully, we can add to our workforce who we employ from the local area.


We welcome all comments by our customers, whether it be good or bad, or just advice on how you think we can improve our service, website etc. This can be done by e-mail or phone, where we will answer all questions and concerns. You can also e-mail if you require any extra milk or dairy produce and we will strive to get you it on the first available delivery day.


May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty and much appreciated custom.
Yours sincerely George & Jim